Girls Inc. Youth Farm
Contact: Lisa Moore
Address: 910 Vance Avenue Memphis, TN, 38126
Email Address:
Phone: 901-523-0217
About Us
At the Girls Inc. Youth Farm, we give girls the tools to be strong, smart & bold by hiring them to do the meaningful work of growing food on our 9.5-acre plot in Frayser. At the farm, the girls will reap the rewards of growing healthy produce while engaging in social entrepreneurship, leadership and civic training with local leaders and through volunteer activities.
We have a rule at the farm - never use any methods that systematically kill anything. That means no sprays - ever. We don't use any pesticides or herbicides - organic or not.

We're committed to responsible ecological stewardship. We keep honeybees on site, and provide habitats for wood-dwelling native bees. Each planting section contains at least one "insectary row" to provide habitat for native insects.

We fertilize using only compost - which we make on site using food waste collected by Project Green Fork - in concert with fish emulsion, compost tea, and kelp fertilizer.