Jus-Joe's Farm, LLC
Contact: Joe & Justin Distretti
Address: 320 Pusser St 2561 Meeks Rd Adamsville, TN, 38310
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Phone: 256-627-8848
About Us
We strive primarily to be good stewards of the land that we’ve been entrusted with; we build our soil through integrated and sustainable production practices, we work hard to improve the long-term viability of the environment which we rely upon for food. We don’t farm crops; we build sustainable soils. A healthy crop is simply a by-product of healthy soils. This is the 3rd generation we’ve been farming on this site, although the family has been farming as far back as our records go. As such, we monitor the latest discoveries and practices, but balance the new with tried-and-true methods and equipment.

We strive to use no synthetic inputs or GMO seeds; we practice sustainable crop rotation and heavy cover-cropping to prevent weeds instead of conventional sprays. Though we are not certified as an organic producer, we follow all the guidelines and recommendations that apply to organic producers. The sprays and fertilizers we use are OMRI certified, made from naturally occurring sources; we make extensive use of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria, and water exclusively thru carefully maintained drip systems. Every step of our process has been carefully tailored to provide the highest quality, safest, and most nutritious produce that can be grown in our area.